Now Let The Story Begin

Being with someone for 5 years and then not having someone for 1 year is shit. Things need to get better soon.

Haaaaaa, my amazing Photog Hannah! :) 3 years ago? shittttt time goes quick.

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I can’t sleep for shit. Wide awake with nothing to do!



Gabrielle Aplin - The Power of Love

From The Power of Love (2012)

Features in the John Lewis Christmas advert 2012

Oh goshh, I love this amazing young lady so much!! Been listening to her videos on YouTube for a few years and now she’s on the John Lewis Christmas advert! So proud of her and she deserves it <3 Who’d have thought someone so amazing could come from the same part of the country as me! Local girl <3

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Castle Combe Rallyday 2012&#160;, a set on Flickr.

Today has been good. Out with mates Biking and Photographing at the same time. Taking it easy as I had a huge crash yesterday on my Bike. Spent the whole of tonight editing photos, knackerd! Time to get some sleep as working tomorrow, haven’t done a day shift during the week for ages!


Haven’t written on here for aaaages. So yeah, I’m bored. Wtf can I do?

Royal International Air Tattoo, a set on Flickr.